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  • Red tomatoes, quantity to determine.

  1. Whiten the tomatoes: Hull the tomatoes in the plunging one 1 minute to water boiling and dive them in frozen water, Peel the tomatoes. Withdraw the peel, the stems and the hearts. Place the tomatoes in the jars of 1 liter, while the cup lightly To Fill with juice V-8 (possibility of juice of tomatoes) To Add 1/4 c. has. salt tea To Add 1/2 c. has. sugar tea To Screw on the jars less ¼ of turn. Deposit in a full saucepan of cold water and boil in water and count 30 minutes after the first boilings of water. Leave to rest and seal firmly

Respect the code of sterilization of the jars before doing the very important preserves

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